Middle East Gulf Oil Exports Soar in January 2017

By Matthew Wheatley 2017-02-10 14:03:23

During January – a month when all eyes were on oil production cuts – exports leaving the Middle East Gulf (MEG) region hit the highest level in at least...


Advantage Vancouver: Building a Maritime Hub

By VIMC 2017-01-27 20:22:54

As Canada’s largest port, Vancouver B.C has always been big on shipping. Now they have their sights set on becoming a world-class maritime...


Uncharted Waters for Shipping

By Basil Karatzas 2015-11-25 13:27:35

Having returned from a lengthy business trip to Europe, one has the feeling that something is different this time with the shipping markets. We all knew that the market has...

Bulk Carrier

WWIID: What Would the Institutional Investors Do?

By Basil Karatzas 2015-05-19 17:41:34

The dry bulk market has been in the doldrums for so long now that talks for a market recovery resemble the biblical story of Lazarus’ resurrection.  Probably the...

pen and hand

Blog: Show Me the Money Please

By MarEx 2015-04-29 20:32:48

By Siri Wennevik and June Ho Shipping loans, including export credit financing and lease financing, have been the traditional sources of finance in shipping for several...

Bulk Carrier

Consolidation and Shipping: A Cure for All?

By Basil Karatzas 2015-04-10 11:20:04

Since the initial collapse of the shipping industry in the second half of 2008, many remedies have been proposed for a market recovery, ranging from pragmatic (slow steaming,...

oil barrel money

Great Minds Think Alike, That's the Problem

By Haifeng Wang 2015-04-08 16:35:04

The spectacular collapse of oil prices in the past nine months has generated much buzz and fanfare (see chart below). Investors have piled on billions of dollars,...

The People's National Congress

Yesterday No More

By Haifeng Wang 2015-03-21 19:54:28

The news coming out of the People’s Congress, that concluded last week in Beijing, sent mixed signals to the international market. Some people focus on the news that Li...

Cargo Vessel

Doubling Down as an Exit Strategy?

By Basil Karatzas 2015-03-18 17:23:27

The present state of the dry bulk market has caught many people in shipping by surprise; the wave of the orderbook getting delivered in 2015 onwards was expected, but...

Financial Markets

Data and Shipping

By Basil Karatzas 2015-03-03 12:17:26

The state of the dry bulk market has been making big news to the extent that mainstream business publications have started covering the market and offering pontifications on...

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