Tuco Reveals New Arctic Workboat Prior to SMM


By MarEx 2016-08-26 18:48:02

Approaching next month’s SMM in Hamburg, one of the world’s leading maritime meeting places. Danish producer Tuco Marine reveal a new Arctic Workboat Daughter Craft. The boat have been developed upon international requests and are in every detail optimized for operations in cold climate areas.

Designed by a team of skilled engineers, through collaboration with multiple world leading naval experts, the Arctic Daughter Craft is developed upon the many requests Tuco have had for specialized, and Arctic featured, Workboats from the Tuco Marine ProZero series of Daughter Crafts, Workboats and FRC ?s.

Worldwide, a huge number of Arctic Patrol Vessels, Icebreakers and Polar Research Vessels are under development and construction. And it is as a specialized Workboat Daughter Crafts for such mother ships the ProZero Arctic workboat is a great match.

Tuco have been working closely with highly experienced Arctic operators to secure that the boat will fit the demands from this specific market. End users have therefore been closely involved in the design and layout of the workboat.

ProZero boats are available in a multitude of variations, which are carefully tuned to suit each individual user’s particular requirements. Cockpit layout in the workboats are arranged to maximize the use of modern day operations management and situational awareness electronic aids.

The ProZero ?s hull, in the arctic edition, features special hull appendages, to optimize for ice sailing, and the ProZero hull secures the boats capabilities of supplying a stable ride, also in rough seas, where most vessels must give up. Arctic missions in rough seas are mainly limited by the human factor of shock mitigation and climate impacts. And therefore the ProZero workboat have been developed around our design team’s shock mitigation strategy which means the design of the vessel, has had the highest focus on minimizing effects of shocks to the human body and the boat, and further minimizing the effects of the cold climate to humans, boat and equipment.

The base of the design is to secure that the ProZero vessels outperform the current market in reliability as well as easy service. The ProZero workboats can be rapidly reconfigured to meet different roles and requirements, which can include SAR variants, fire support variants and command platform variants. Parameters like delivery time and customization according to customer demands are, during the design phase, a focal point. This is why the complete construction system behind the series is module based. The module-based system allows for easy adjusting and customizing.

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