Gibdock Secures Breakthrough Exhaust Scrubber Project

great eastern

By MarEx 2015-11-16 10:26:10

Gibdock has secured a breakthrough exhaust gas scrubber retrofit project covering five vessels operated by ship management major Norbulk Shipping and owned by global shipping group Vroon.
The contract represents a sizeable debut in specialized EGS work. With all five ships also undergoing special survey dry-docking, the job is the Gibraltar yard’s largest single assignment in 2015. The landmark project is also the first ship-series SOx abatement technology retrofit win for any Southern European yard.
Using EGS, shipowners can continue operating on heavy fuel oil instead of more expensive marine gas oil to meet IMO rules on SOx emissions that came into force in Sulphur Emissions Control Areas on Jan 1, 2015.
“We are the first yard in the region to win a major exhaust scrubber project,” said Richard Beards, Gibdock Managing Director. “Our ideal location means that we are always attractive for owners considering this area. Gibdock’s competitiveness, high quality workmanship and on-schedule redelivery has led to this breakthrough deal, which opens a new chapter in the industry’s EGS installation work options.”
Gibdock’s workload included the 37,500 dwt product tanker Great Eastern, the third of the five Norbulk vessels being fitted with ‘PureSOx’ main engine, auxiliary engine and boiler EGS units from Alfa Laval. The hybrid PureSOx system removes over 98% of SOx emissions from exhaust gases and up to 80% of particulates. EGS installation work onboard Great Eastern included 90 tons of newly fabricated steel, the laying of 12,386m of electrical cabling and 1,134m of GRE pipes involving 800v flanges and elbows.
Special survey work required a hull washing, spot grit-blasting and coating job, overhauling of sea valves, propeller withdrawal, bonding of stern seals, rudder clearances, bow thruster overhauling, windlass winch bearing renewal, overhauling of boiler safety valves, pipework, insulation works and various other routine dry-dock works. These tasks took place at the same time as EGS installation, with the ship redelivered on schedule and on budget in 20 days. Mr. Beards said the time taken for redelivery to Norbulk has been shortened as projects have progressed.
To optimize EGS retrofit processes, Gibdock undertakes prefabrication for smaller blocks in its workshops, with transfer to the ‘Pad1’ area, completed in 2014, allowing further structural and assembly work to be completed alongside Dry-dock 1 in a timely fashion for dry-docking. “Pad 1 was pivotal in optimizing workflow,” said John Taylor, Gibdock Operations Director. “No other regional yard has a comparable purpose-built zone for EGS foundation and structural work before vessels arrive.
“This has been an intense collaboration, involving different Gibdock departments, naval architects, the Norbulk project team, Alfa Laval, and our electrical and piping systems subcontractors. Optimized planning, materials purchasing, equipment deployment and job sequencing for EGS work are now part of Gibdock’s competitive advantage.”
Beards added: “This is a significant project for Gibdock in 2015. We have added dedicated EGS facilities and expertise to our natural competitive advantages of location and weather, and our hard-earned reputation for quality work delivered on time and on budget.” 

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