The Most Popular Editorials of 2023

The wreck of HMS Vanguard, which went down in Scapa Flow in 1917 (Courtesy of Marjo Tynkkynen / Royal Navy)

Published Dec 26, 2023 8:20 PM by The Maritime Executive

Guest posts and opinion pieces are an important part of the content we share with readers at The Maritime Executive, and we're grateful to our guest authors for contributing their stories. Here are the most popular editorials of 2023, with topics ranging from naval developments to geopolitical confrontation to famous shipwrecks. Read on to find out more about the news and views that maritime professionals were most interested in hearing about this year. 

1) World's Most Famous Warship Was Turning Into "Potting Compost" 

2) As the World Looks Elsewhere, China Stirs Trouble in the South China Sea

3) 40 Years Later: The Loss of the Marine Electric

4) The Philippine Base at Second Thomas Shoal Will Have to Be Replaced

5) Photos: Divers Document New Details of Two Famed Royal Navy Wrecks

6) Divers Discover Two Lost WWI Destroyers off Orkney

7) 10 Years and $330B Later, What Has China's Belt and Road Achieved?

8) The "King's Warship" Secures Permanent Berth - If Funds Can be Raised

9) The Indian Navy's Aircraft Carrier Dilemma

10) China is Preparing Merchant Ro-Ro Ferries for Amphibious Warfare