LNG Cold-Ironing Gets Government Support

File image courtesy AWPE

By MarEx 2016-02-24 20:40:24

The German Federal Ministry of Transport has awarded a grant in excess of a million euros for deployment of containerized, LNG-fueled generators for cold-ironing.

The clean-burning systems, the first of their kind, are designed to be lifted aboard a container ship on its arrival in port and taken off again when it leaves. Each containerized generator can provide 1.5 megawatts of power, for up to 30 hours of operation per separate, containerized tank of fuel.

“During layovers at port the power for container ships is currently being supplied by onboard auxiliary diesel engines. By doing so, ships account for the majority of harmful emissions at ports,” said Henning Kuhlmann, managing director at Becker Marine Systems, the generators' developer. The new system will provide an “environmentally friendly, safe and economical option for supplying power based on LNG to container ships.”

Enak Ferlemann, Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry, explained the government's interest in the system: “By using LNG, the emission of nitrogen oxide can be almost completely eliminated when compared to conventional diesel engines. Also with respect to greenhouse gases, LNG has a significantly lower footprint,” he said.

The generator and tank, each equivalent to standard box sizes, would be the first container crane lift onto the vessel upon its arrival and the last off before its departure, eliminating a cabled shore power connection while greatly reducing emissions. As an added bonus, no changes to harbor infrastructure are required.

If more than 1.5 megawatts is needed, additional generators can be lifted aboard. Each system is designed to be stackable so that it occupies the footprint of one 40-foot container. 

Becker Marine Systems is also known for the development of the LNG cold-ironing generator barge Hummelused for supplying clean power to cruise ships.