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Shipowner: 'Shoot the Pirates'

A 79-year-old veteran of Norway's shipping industry thinks the international community and his own country are being much too kind in their dealings with today's sea pirates off Somalia. He wants to shoot them on the spot. - posted by Alexandre G., Licensed Maritime Pilot

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Wind Energy Support Vessels

I am collecting data that we will be utilizing to develop offshore wind energy support vessels for use in US water. For our colleagues in Europe any input related to lessons learned regarding design, construction and operations would be very welcome. we understand that Europe has had years of experience n this field and have lots of lessons learned which is manifesting themselves in the newest generation of support / O&M vessel designs. We will need to meld these lessons learned with emerging USCG and CFR requirements. Regards JS Pyle - posted by Jeffery Pyle, President, Seaway Navigation And Tours, Ltd.

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More and more cruise ships seem to be performing dry docks/wet docks in Freeport, Grand Bahamas over US shipyards such as Norfolk. Why is that? - posted by Karen Segalla, President, Total Travel Marine

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Is anyone negotiating index linked container shipping contracts yet?

In the January issue of Containerisation Interanational it was reported that TCC (The Containership company) is open to the idea of index linked contracts likely to the Shanghai Containerized Freight Index (SCFI). This is a relatively new concept in container shipping and I am curious whether anyone in this group is looking at this as a way to protect against volatility? - posted by John Doble, VP Sales & Marketing, Container Shipping Canada, Ltd.

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Reducing Operating Costs??? Current trends please!!!

I am working on a project to find out what initiatives shipping companies have employed over the last 12 months to survive the recession and even increase profitability. Please let me know how you or your company have reduced operating costs - look forward to hearing from you.- posted by Alithea Joseph, Maritime Research and Training Director

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