Drunk Master Wakes to Dismissal Notice

Yara Froya

By Wendy Laursen 2015-03-24 23:09:47

The captain of the Norwegian LPG tanker Yara Froya lost his job last week after tests showed he had a blood alcohol concentration of 1.27. 

The master was alleged to have got drunk after his ship left the port of Fredericia in Denmark. The 3,500dwt vessel sailed into Kiel late in the evening where it was inspected by the German coast guard. 

The officials ordered the master to sleep off his intoxication while the ship was temporarily docked. 

When he awoke, he was presented with a letter of dismissal from his employer, Larvik Shipping, and fined 4,000 euros ($4,370).

In a separate incident, the master of the bulk carrier African Harrier pleaded guilty to working while under the influence of alcohol in New Zealand. He was fined NZ$3,000 ($2,300) on Monday.