MITAGS to Host MERPAC Meeting

The U.S. Coast Guard has announced that it is seeking applications for appointment to membership on the Merchant Marine Personnel Advisory Committee (MERPAC). MERPAC provides advice and makes recommendations to the agency on matters related to training, qualification, licensing, certification, and fitness of seamen serving in the US merchant marine. Applications should be submitted by October 15.

The next meeting of the MERPAC and its working groups, sponsored by the Coast Guard, will be held at MITAGS in Linthicum Heights, Maryland on September 12-14, 2006. The Maritime Institute of Technology and Graduate Studies (MITAGS) will host the event. MITAGS is located at 692 Maritime Boulevard, Linthicum Heights, MD. The Task 52 “License Exam Topics" subcommittee will meet in 8N, Building 1 on Sept 12, 2006. The main MERPAC meeting will be on Sept 13-14, in the Auditorium, Building #3.

The agenda for this MERPAC meeting includes the standard of competence on tanker safety; a voluntary training program for entry level mariners; and a national training program including integration of the STCW Code into the USCG license examination process.