Anthony George, President & CEO, FUELTRAX

Anthony George

By Jack O'Connell 04-19-2018 04:25:00

(Article originally published in Mar/Apr 2018 edition.)

Anthony George, President & CEO, FUELTRAXTM

George finds motivation in helping others. Maybe that’s why his products are so successful.

By Jack O’Connell

Tell us about your background and education. 

I graduated from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas with degrees in Physics, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I’m a big supporter of education, serving on multiple boards for Lamar’s Entrepreneurship Program and serving as Board President of The Woodlands Christian Academy in The Woodlands, Texas.

What inspired you to create FUELTRAX?

I developed FUELTRAX in 2003 in response to a request from a customer to monitor fuel consumption on inland barges in the U.S. FUELTRAX safeguards the fuel security, facilitates compliance and optimizes performance of vessels anywhere in the world. It directly measures consumption, transfers and inventory in real time, delivering crucial insights into fuel activities and operations. Live fuel data is transferred to FUELNET, a self-contained and secure online cloud database for reviewing and analyzing data in real time.

How many systems are currently installed? Does it suit certain vessels or operations more than others?

FUELTRAX has over 500 global system installations, from small inland tugs to large oil tankers, with a majority in OSVs serving the offshore oil and gas market. We say FUELTRAX is “vessel agnostic” – meaning it enhances fuel security, facilitates compliance and optimizes performance on any vessel, with any fuel type, anywhere in the world.

Is one segment of the industry more important than others in terms of sales?

At this time our primary focus is meeting the needs of the upstream oil & gas markets. The ways in which oil and gas operators utilize vessels means there are sufficient opportunities to optimize fuel consumption and lower vessel maintenance in addition to providing data insights to support operating decisions. We work closely with both vessel owners and their charterers to enhance fuel security. We are able to track and alert them about fuel activities or anomalies that may indicate fuel-tampering or other forms of theft. 

Are there other products in the FUELTRAX portfolio?

Yes, we also provide extended technical support and advanced analytical services for FUELTRAX and FUELNET. In collecting big data, we can benchmark actionable insights based on our expertise in fuel optimization – in any operating environment. It allows us to study our customers’ operations and provide them with the greatest cost-saving recommendations for their fleets, such as optimizing fuel consumption and lowering vessel maintenance.

Mass flow metering (MFM) has become a hot technology these days as ports like Singapore have adopted it for bunker companies. What is its significance?

Measuring fuel in mass flow ensures far greater accuracy compared with the older, volumetric-style instrumentation. Temperature and density are measured directly and accounted for in real time. This negates many of the cheating methods used in high-theft markets, such as aerating or heating fuel to trick volumetric meters.

What is your vision for FUELTRAX over the next five years?

We are embracing marine big data. Our global communications and web portal platform are the perfect backbone for expanding the significant data collection abilities of FUELTRAX beyond that of just fuel. Looking to the future, we are embedding FUELTRAX data with recorded visuals, weather and cargo, which will give clients better surveillance and tracking capabilities.

What is the most rewarding aspect of your role as CEO?

One of the most rewarding things about being a CEO of a rapidly growing company is watching young, talented people grow their part of the business – to the benefit of the entire organization.

Do you travel very much?

Early on in FUELTRAX’s story, yes, I travelled a lot for work. Now we have many key people in positions who embrace that responsibility.

What drives you – what is your passion?

Entrepreneurship – charting your own course and pursuing your own dreams. Also, the rewarding experience of fulfilling a true need for our clients through product leadership and world-class service.

Tell us about some of your extracurricular activities. 

I have been an active sponsor for over 20 years of St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital in the fight to cure pediatric cancer. I also sponsor multiple collegiate scholarships for Lamar University.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Family is very important to me, and I spend my free time with my wife and two teenage sons. We enjoy physical fitness and outdoor activities together.

Is there one final message you’d like to leave for our readers?

Yes. The next 10 years in the maritime industry are going to be very exciting, whether it’s advancements derived from improved vessel design, autonomous shipping or marine big data. I’m excited to be at the forefront of these developments and innovations in maritime operations. – MarEx

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