DESMI OptiSave™ Installations Reach One Million Tonnes of CO2 Saved


Published Jul 21, 2022 12:38 PM by DESMI

DESMI has installed approximately 700 OptiSave™ systems, which together have generated accumulated CO2 reductions corresponding to one million tonnes of CO2. This equals what a 16,000-hectare rainforest consumes in a year.

DESMI´s energy saving solution, named OptiSave™, offers simple power management for energy efficiency compliance. When installing a pump, the normal procedure is to have it run at full speed; however, with the OptiSave™ system installed, the pump will save fuel via intelligent power management for cooling pumps and fans.

The OptiSave™ Energy Saving System offers an economical answer for compliance. It supports ship owners and designers to meet the requirement for reduction of CO2 emissions. The systems can be integrated at the new build stage or as retrofit applications, fully integrated within the overall control systems. The OptiSave™ system is also suitable for vessels that will continue to be in service beyond 2030.

"You should install it regardless of the rules and regulations. At the end of the day, you want to save fuel. And in doing so you ensure an environmental footprint," says DESMI’s Key Account Manager of Marine and Offshore John Nielsen.

There are many ways people can help reduce carbon emissions. Planting trees is a natural way to take climate action and reduce our negative environmental impact, because trees absorb the carbon dioxide. However, instead of planting trees, at DESMI we focus on how our customers can save fuel, as well as reduce CO2.

So, to find out how considerably the advantages of installing DESMI´s OptiSave™ are, we looked at how large of a wooded area it requires to get a one-million-tonne CO2 reduction, which matches the accumulated reduction of the 700 OptiSave™ systems currently installed. This requires the yearly consumption of a 16,000-hectare rainforist or a 100,000-hectare regular Danish forest, making DESMI´s energy saving solution an obvious choice in the battle to save the planet.

At DESMI we care about the future generations, and we want to take part of making the maritime business greener. Thus, we have committed to the UN sustainable development goals, and we stand together with local authorities and other manufacturers to try to make a difference.

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