VPS Partners with GCMD to Develop Biofuels for Shipping Industry


Published Jul 27, 2022 10:41 AM by The Maritime Executive

[By: VPS]

In addition to the standard ISO8217 scope, VPS has found the following parameters important in assessing the quality characteristics of biofuels as marine fuels: 

Oxidation stability - to measure stability of the fuel
FAME content – since most biofuels being used are blends, accurate measurement of the bio-component (e.g. FAME) is critically important. 
Microbial growth and water content - to assess long term storage & instability 
Cold-flow properties 
Corrosion of components 

Impact on energy value - due to presence of FAME 

VPS would advise testing all biofuels for ISO8217 parameters and an additional test slate to measure the above parameters, to confirm the fuel quality prior to use. In the case of FAME blends, VPS would recommend confirming prior to blending that the FAME meets ISO14214 (which specifies the requirements and test methods for FAME). By using VPS test results and following advice, ship operators can indeed use biofuels as drop-in bunker fuels with confidence, provided that the necessary precautions are taken in the storage and handling of these fuels. 

Dr. Malcolm Cooper, CEO of VPS said, “VPS is delighted to partner with the Global Centre for Marine Decarbonisation in this very important work. Having our own laboratories located in the key bunkering ports of Singapore, Rotterdam and Houston puts us in a great position to support this business-as-usual approach to testing these fuel blends in real-life operating 
environments. We will leverage our experience gained in testing these biofuels in marine environments to date along with our presence on the various Technical Committees, as explained by Captain Rahul Choudhuri, VPS AMEA MD, in the GCMD press release.” 

To assess the entire supply chain and provide a detailed framework on the sustainable use of biofuels as a green option for shipping, the Global Centre of Maritime Decarbonisation (GCMD) is embarking on this ambitious project.

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