Standards Tighten For Supplying Seafarer Food

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By MarEx 2015-08-27 09:36:53

Accreditation to international quality standards in the supply of food and drink to ships is becoming essential to do business, says Mohammed Muses, Managing Director of All Supply Mombasa Shipchandlers, based in Mombasa, Kenya.

The move to accreditation has been partly driven by the new rules on seafarer welfare set by the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 which has now been ratified by most of the world’s main seafaring nations. The rules state that: “food and drinking water supplies, having regard to the number of seafarers on board, their religious requirements and cultural practices as they pertain to food, and the duration and nature of the voyage, shall be suitable in respect of nutritional value, quality and variety.”      

All Supply Mombasa Shipchandlers has been a member of ISSA (International Ship Suppliers and Services Association) for many years and it is the only dedicated ship supplier in Kenya with the ISSA quality mark.

“Shipping lines and ship management companies already know we are the best supplier of food, especially fresh food, in Kenya, but we are now working towards ISO22000-2005 because our customers need to have proof that we have rigorous processes in place to ensure the quality of the products,” says Muses.

Maintaining the highest standards throughout the supply chain is especially important in places like East Africa, where facilities to store meat and other non-ambient foodstuffs at the required temperature in both warehouses and vehicles can be more difficult to find. 

All Supply Mombasa Shipchandlers sources foodstuffs both locally and abroad to ensure quality and highly competitive prices. Muses says: “Our range is the most extensive in the region and our facilities include a storage area for 300 tons of temperature controlled and 100 tons of ambient goods just a kilometer away from the port of Mombasa.”

It works closely with a strategic partner in Nairobi to source the best meat, fruit and vegetables so it can guarantee the highest quality fresh produce, processed and packed in strict hygiene conditions, maintaining as long a shelf life as possible. It also imports a wide range of internationally recognized dry goods brands.

“We are finding that ship managers are becoming more involved in what food the seafarers are served to ensure it meets the requirements for a balanced diet and proper nutrition. Sometimes they even ask for information related to allergies,” says Muses. “Of course, price is always an important factor, so we need to make sure we are very competitive as well.”

All Supply Mombasa Shipchandlers supplies food and drink, as well as a wide range of other supplies to all ships from cruise liners and container ships to naval vessels and those involved in the offshore oil industry.

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