Port Yuzhny Handled Over a Million Tons of Cargo in April

Sea Trade Port Yuzhny
Sea Trade Port Yuzhny

By The Maritime Executive 05-14-2019 05:16:07

Sea Trade Port Yuzhny handled 1.07 million tons of cargo in April 2019. More than 84 percent of the total cargo throughput was made up of export ore, pig iron and products of grain cargo processing, 15 percent - import coke coal, ammonium nitrate and nickel ore. Transit of pig iron made up about 0.5 percent. The state stevedore company handled 19 vessels and 14,200 rail cars in a month.

The main cargo of Yuzhny is still export ore (769,100 tons) and pig iron (112,000 tons). Furthermore, 24,700 tons of products of grain cargo processing were handled. And in April, 94,800 tons of import coke coal and 6,600 tons of ammonium nitrate were unloaded. Nickel ore is a new import cargo for the state enterprise: in the middle of April, the first batch of this cargo (55,400 tons) was discharged. 50 percent of the total number of the vessels handled in a month is large-capacity vessels of up to 200,000dwt.

A year-to-date total of 4.1 million tons of cargo has passed through Yuzhny. The state stevedore company handled 82 vessels and more than three million tons of export cargo, 494,000 tons of transit cargo and 488,000 tons of import cargo within four months.

Sea Trade Port Yuzhny is located on the north-west coast of the Black Sea in the non-freezing Adzhalyksky estuary, and it is the deepest port in Ukraine. The company provides a wide range of loading and discharging services, storage and related works. It handles bulk, general and break-bulk cargoes. Scheduled cargo delivery and cargo handling are effectively performed due to the convenient location of the railroad station Beregova, developed infrastructure of the road and railways. The company operates five deep-water berths, two of which are dedicated to handling Capesize vessels up to permissible dwt. Annual cargo turnover of the company is 15.07 million tons.

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