PIRIOU Completes Modernization of Research Vessel Thalassa for IFREMER


By The Maritime Executive 2017-09-29 20:15:12

The oceanic research vessel Thalassa of IFREMER has just left Concarneau harbour after a three month refit carried out by PIRIOU NAVAL SERVICES.

The Thalassa, which was delivered in 1995, is an oceanographic vessel mainly dedicated to public service missions relating to fisheries research and physical oceanography. The vessel underwent a full mid-life and refit programme in acquiring equipment that will from now on widen the spectrum of its missions: it was fitted with equipment enabling it to fully carry out missions in regards to geoscience or environment. The French agency for research (ANR) supported the project within the funding programme for future investments. The regional council of Brittany granted a subsidy as well as the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Following arrival on June 3rd, the Thalassa spent two months in dry dock and significant upgrades were implemented:

- New acoustic equipment integrated into the hull or the keel: multibeam sounders, sub-bottom profilers, single beam transducers, halieutic multibeam sounder. The IT equipment and network were also renewed.

- Submarine systems deployment improved, CTD sounder – referred to as clean sounder – to analyse trace metals in the water column installed as well as an oceanographic crane.

- Main accommodation refurbished. The scientific command centre was refurbished and the meeting room reorganized, the sorting room was rearranged whereas the working deck laboratories and wheelhouse were also renovated.

- The propelling engine control system was replaced as well as the 4 diesels generators and the vessel power management systems: Thalassa now benefits from 4 generators of 5000 kVA total power. The alarm handling and fire panel systems and the regulated current production were also replaced.

- Miscellaneous works required by In-Service Support for the next twenty years were carried out.

Vincent Faujour, PIRIOU Group general manager said: “Refit of the Thalassa is an important step for the PIRIOU group in the oceanographic and hydrographic vessels very technical sector. We have built up sound expertise with the In-Service Support (ISS) of the four French Navy hydrographic vessels in 2006, the refit of L’Atalante of IFREMER in 2009, as well as the ISS contract for Beautemps-Beaupré of the French Navy.
With these programmes we combine both the knowledge of vessels on operation and of their operators’ expectations which is a key advantage we use to design and build new vessels such as the BHO2M oceanographic multi mission vessel we’ll deliver to the Moroccan Royal Navy in 2018 and for which we developed a close collaboration with the SHOM (the French Navy Hydrographic and Oceanographic Department).”

About PIRIOU and PNS

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