Nautilus Labs and Insatech Announce Partnership


Published Jun 30, 2020 5:07 PM by The Maritime Executive

(New York, New York - JUNE 30, 2020) Nautilus Labs, the technology firm advancing the efficiency of ocean commerce through artificial intelligence, and Insatech Marine, specializing in fuel consumption systems, instrumentation, and monitoring solutions for the maritime industry—today announce a
partnership to jointly deliver end-to-end instrumentation and data transmission that gives more shipping businesses access to Nautilus’s predictive decision support solution. Nautilus serves the global maritime industry by building decision support software that surfaces smart alerts and actionable insights that maximize voyage profitability and vessel yield.

“Scaling instrumentation, marine services and support is crucial to ensuring that different types of vessels and shipping businesses have the opportunity to unlock access to their data,” said Leigh Jaffe, Director of Corporate Development at Nautilus. “Nautilus is pleased to partner with Insatech to drive the vessel connectivity necessary for our platform to inform improved decision-making that drive profit uplifts and minimized global footprint.”

Denmark-based Insatech has established partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers in instrumentation and automation for a global service. The company optimizes operational procedures and by offering field-tested and proven solutions for regulatory compliance.

Outcompeting the competition requires businesses to drive greater transparency, accountability, and collaboration by providing one unified platform for all stakeholders. Shipping companies can be extremely data rich, but oftentimes can’t process that data and, ultimately, the information. The partnership between Nautilus and Insatech allows customers to quickly and easily collect and transmit their datasets from ship to shore to make better decisions—now and in the future.

“Our team of marine experts has developed partnerships with some of the leading manufacturers and customers in the world. We’re proud to partner with Nautilus to enable shipping companies to easily and quickly collect and transmit data to gain actionable insights and recommendations. Our collaboration will enable our clients to more seamlessly access Nautilus Platform to become more profitable and sustainable,” added Jacob Møller, Managing Director at Insatech about the new partnership with Nautilus.

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