M.T.M. Ship Management Clinches SBR National Business Award


Published May 17, 2021 9:24 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: M.T.M. Ship Management]

With over 30 years of experience and a reputation for operational excellence, M.T.M. Ship Management provides an integrated, full-service platform to owners and financial institutions that specialize in ship management, crewing and training, and ancillary technical and corporate services.

The company values integrity, careful planning, cost control and a relentless approach to consistent improvement. Not only do they provide long-term and reliable partnerships that focus on their clients’ and customers’ success, but M.T.M. also extends their values to their commitment to the environment. 

The company’s goal is to reduce their carbon footprint across all ships they manage by undertaking several measures to preserve the environment and reduce the fuel consumption on their seagoing fleet. Some of their initiatives included the following: 

Application of high-quality paints on ship's Hull;

Fitment of energy-saving devices like propeller Boss Cap Fins;

Development of in-house software to track ship's carbon emissions accurately;

Fitment of devices on board to accurately measure various parameters like main engine power and fuel meters to allow precise calculation of carbon emission;

Strategic development for decarbonization, sea-going voyage optimization, fuel savings and ship's Hull optimization;

Reduction of plastic waste; and

Progress installing drinking water purification systems onboard their ships to reduce plastic waste at sea.

These initiatives resulted in a 3-5 % fuel savings due to the installation of propeller boss cap fins, a 3-5 % fuel saving by application of high-quality hull paints, and a reduction of 600,000 Plastic bottles annually. With on-going energy conservation program, the company is able to save 1 MT of fuel per day while sailing per ship. This is expected to bring savings to their owners in the range of 100,000 to 125,000 USD per ship per year. Protection of environment & energy conservation is what the company wants to offer its owners and charterers in times to come. The company is actively involved in compliance to Poseidon principles and Sea cargo charter initiatives to offer its clients good commercial viability in the shipping market. 

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