Iskra Delivers Search and Rescue Craft for Croatian Ministry of Health


Published May 30, 2023 7:04 PM by The Maritime Executive

Iskra Shipyard has designed a 15 meter SAR boat to provide search and rescue activities at sea. The yard is building a series of six of these craft for the Croatian Ministry of Health, and the first boat is in operation in Dubrovnik. 

Maximum speed of fully outfitted vessel with full supplies on calm sea, on maximum continuous rating of propulsion engines is 40 knots. 

Maximum continuous vessel speed, on 80% of rated power is 30 knots. Installed propulsion engines enable achieving maximum continuous speed in time not larger than 5 minutes since starting. 

The vessel has two fuel tanks, integral to the hull structure. Fuel tanks have combined capacity of 3,600 litres, which enable vessel’s range of 430 nautical miles for speed of 36 knots, with fuel reserve of 5% of total tanks capacity. 

The vessel has been designed to be able dynamically positioned, and to be able to sit still and turn for 360°. 

Dynamic positioning has been enabled without crew intervention with installing the appropriate dynamic positioning system – EVC Dynamic Positioning System by Volvo Penta.

The vessel is designed to be able perform search and rescue tasks on sea up to upper limit of the sea state 6 (significant wave height 4-6 meters), with speed of 15 knots. 

This includes navigation on mentioned sea state in all wave headings, and possibility of towing. 

While navigating with speed of 15 knots, at upper limit of sea state 6, maximum acceleration at the vessel’s bow is not larger that 6g, while average value is lower than 3g. 

The vessel is designed to be able to self-right itself in case of overturning (180°) without need for activation of mechanical systems by the crew. 

Type and distribution of equipment enables uninterrupted performing of tasks after returning of the vessel into upright position. This implies restarting of equipment which cannot work in overturned position (for example, propulsion engines, or pumps). 

The vessel is designed and outfitted for smooth performance of tasks for all required sea states and at outside temperatures between -15°C and 40°C.

The vessel’s hull shall be constructed of marine grade aluminium alloys Al 5083 H111 and 6082 T6. All outer parts of equipment shall be made from stainless steel (AlSl 316) or aluminium (Al 6082 T6 and Al 6060). 

The propulsion system consists of two Volvo Penta D13 662kW 2300 rpm diesel engines, including a hydraulic clutch release, a hydraulically controlled reduction gear with a transmission ratio of 1.99:1 with the possibility of reversible rotation, and two Volvo Penta IPS1200 pod drives.
A diesel generator of 19.5 kW, 1500 rpm, 50Hz, 230/380V, 3ph is provided for power. The generator is located in a sound box.

The crew complement consists of three members plus up to nine additional people. The maximum number of people the vessel can carry in case of emergency, including crew, is 34 people. The aft part of the vessel’s deck can be used for helicopter assistance. Free width of passage on side deck, around pilothouse is a minimum of 600 mm. 

In the accommodation area the vessel is equipped with galley.

For lifting items from the sea, the vessel is outfitted with an electro-hydraulic, telescopic marine crane. Maximum crane reach is 1.9 m in reference to the right side of the vessel, and 2.8 m in reference to the left side and aft. Crane capacity is at least 500 kg on maximum reach, and at least 1,000 kg on minimum reach. Crane control station is part of the crane itself. 

The vessel is equipped with a net for lifting items and survivors from the sea.

The vessel will be approved and built under survey of the Croatian Register of Shipping. 

Main Particulars: 

Length overall, m            15.00
Length of hull, m             14.70
Beam overall, m              4.47
Design draft, m               0.90
Max draft, m                   1.50
Max displacement, t       25.0

Classification: according to the IACS Rules.

The vessel is equipped with the following navigation equipment: 

-    Navigation HD radar 
-    Satellite navigation system 
-    DGPS (Differential Global Positioning System) 
-    DPS (Digital Positioning System) 
-    GPS navigator
-    Echo sounder 
-    Electronic compass 
-    Personal computer with printer
-    Automatic pilot
-    Radar Reflector 
-    Binoculars 7x50 
-    SART 
-    Signal and navigation lights 
-    Blue LED rotating signalling lights 

The vessel is equipped with the following communication equipment: 

-    Marine VHF station 
-    VHF handheld GMDSS
-    NAVTEX receiver 
-    Professional MF/HF/VHF/UHF radio station
-    VHF/AM Aviation communication
-    SAT EPIRB buoy 
-    Radar transponder 
-    Integrated DVB-T, digital terrestrial TV 
-    Internal communication system 

The vessel is equipped with the Volvo Penta Interceptor system, which makes the operator's experience a whole lot simpler, safer and more comfortable, while also reducing fuel consumption.

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