Fleet Efficiency Tools - An AWT Spotlight

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By MarEx 2015-10-01 16:50:42

Competing in the shipping industry requires an understanding of a wide range of KPI’s. Fuel efficiency is just one of many ways AWT puts comprehensive tools at your fingertips to quickly evaluate your fleet and make informed decisions for optimal utilization of assets. The focus of this article is to demonstrate how AWT customers can view their fuel efficiency graphs, and see how that data can be filtered to provide actionable insights.

AWT’s innovations range from our BVS onboard routing software to key partnerships with companies such as JRC, Veson and KVH to bring you tools and services that integrate well together. The presentation of data is an area we have long understood to be a priority of our customers and has been a key area of focus for AWT.

AWT Graphing Data Using Fleet DSS(TM) and AWT SmartWatch(TM)

AWT’s graphing data allows our clients to compare the fuel curves of two ships, a class of ships or sister ships. It allows for accurate assessments of a fleet and examination of why one ship may be consuming fuel differently than another. The data can be filtered to present a comparison between two time periods that is critical in understanding the operational impact of a propeller polishing or a hull cleaning. The data available can even compare how your ship stacks up against the over 50,000 voyages AWT evaluates each year through our anonymous performance data.


Whether using our new AWT SmartWatch service, or more traditional routing services, AWT strives to put tools in the hands of shipping professionals that provide more meaningful data. The fuel efficiency graphs that AWT has developed were designed with that in mind. The capability to filter the results is a very unique way to get a detailed picture of your fuel efficiency. In particular, AWT’s ability to present the data based on a variety of weather criteria puts you in a position to see fuel efficiency in an entirely new light. The graphs provide a quick way to evaluate a fleet based on very specific criteria, providing AWT customers with real data to make informed decisions and ultimately, to best use their assets.


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