Drew Marine Launches KatharoCare Premium Cargo Hold Solution


Published May 21, 2021 2:35 PM by The Maritime Executive

Drew Marine announced today the launch of a new premium product line for cleaning the cargo holds of bulk carrier ships. Their new KatharoCare line of premium cargo hold cleaners will complement the current premium solutions in Water Treatment, Fuel Management, Maintenace and Specialty Lubricants to round out Drew Marine’s product portfolio. 

“This new product, when combined with our equipment and the support of our service technicians, will offer ship owners and operators a better option when cleaning their cargo holds,” said Alexandros Strigkos, Drew Marine’s Global Market Manager in charge of Cargo Hold Solutions. “Safe delivery of customer goods and more efficient turnaround time in port are the major benefits to our business partners.” 

This Cargo Hold Solution represents the first addition of a new market segment within in decades for Drew Marine and demonstrates the vision of its new leadership and their commitment to innovation. The new KatharoCare line, along with other innitiatives such as the creation of their Global Innovation and Manufacturing Center, are examples of this commitment to investing in innovation.

This initial launch will be followed by a planned future expansion of the KatharoCare line. This growth in the cargo hold solution segment was the vision of Drew Marine leadership when the company acquired the Greece-based company Chemo Hellas, SA in 2020.  

The products included in the initial stage of the launch include:

  • KatharoCare HCHF - a high foaming, water-based, alkaline cleaner that has been specially formulated with detergents, surfactants, and corrosion inhibitors that offers remarkable results for the cleaning of the cargo holds after the loading of Petcoke, Coal, and similarly tenacious dry bulk cargoes.
  • KatharoCare NOR – a heavy duty, water-based, alkaline cleaner that is specially formulated for providing a more dedicated solution for the cleaning of Nickel Ore residues. 
  • KatharoCare FA - an additive solution for enhancing the foaming effect for the products. It increases the effectiveness of the cleaners on the vertical surfaces of the cargo holds by extending the reaction time building up more concentrated foam.

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