Dometic Announces Product Lineup for MIBS

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By MarEx 2015-02-03 15:25:54

Dometic Marine, a division of Dometic Group, a global provider of leisure products for the marine, truck, caravan, motor home and automotive markets, announced a wide selection of innovative products it will spotlight at the Miami International Boat Show (MIBS). Featured products will be the groundbreaking thermoelectric Cup Cooler, the Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control (STIIC), the Sea Xchange line of watermakers, and the award-winning VARC48 Variable Capacity Chiller.

“Boat owners have come to rely on us for innovative products that serve their comfort and convenience needs. This season’s lineup of new products doesn’t disappoint: We’re pleased to feature the new Dometic Cup Cooler, the industry’s first thermoelectric cup holder. We’ll also be showing the VARC48 variable capacity chiller, winner of this year’s IBEX Innovation Award for Mechanical Systems,” said Ned Trigg, Sr. VP of Global System Sales at Dometic Marine.

“Attendees will be also able to see our extended line of Sea Xchange watermakers and our STIIC remote control, which allows boat owners to monitor all their Dometic systems from a mobile phone, tablet or computer,” added Trigg.

The following will be on exhibit at adjoining booths #3510 - 3516 – 3520, Feb. 12-16:

Dometic Cup Cooler – The industry’s first thermoelectric refrigerated cup holder for boats. The Cup Cooler keeps drinks refrigerator-cold, and can replace most standard cup holders onboard pleasure boats or workboats. The Cup Cooler allows boaters to keep a can, bottle or any appropriately sized beverage container chilled on even the hottest days, something that a typical cup holder or can Koozie can’t begin to accomplish. With the Cup Cooler, your last sip is even colder than your first.

Dometic VARC48 – The Dometic variable capacity VARC48 chiller is the first of its kind to adjust capacity output based on the current load demand. It provides just the right amount of needed cooling, reducing energy costs and the size of generator needed. There is no in-rush of current when starting up, reducing demand on the electrical system. Its steady operation maintains a more constant load on the generator. Instead of turning on or off, it speeds up or slows down as needed to produce more or fewer BTUs.

The SeaLand ECO Vent Filter – The SeaLand ECO is a versatile and environmentally friendly filter that removes odors from a boat sanitation system’s holding tank vent line. The innovative new filter design provides the most efficient filtration by forcing more malodorous air to flow through activated charcoal media. It also offers boat owners a one-size-fits-all replacement for existing SeaLand vent filters.

Dometic Smart Touch Integrated Intelligence Control (STIIC) – STIIC is a revolutionary and user-friendly software that connects a boat’s Dometic systems and interactively communicates with the boat owner. Accessible from a mobile app, STIIC allows boat owners (or their captains or technicians) to monitor all their Dometic systems from one location, such as a car or office, via mobile phone, tablet or computer using a WiFi, Ethernet or an RS485 connection. STIIC can be used to check a system’s status, change settings, turn it on, turn it off, or diagnose a problem.

Dometic Sea Xchange Watermakers – The SX series and the new XTC series will be on display. Both models produce up to 2,200 GPD of potable water from seawater. The XTC is the first and only automatic watermaker to have mechanical redundancy and the Dometic STIIC interface for remote access through the internet.

Dometic Spot Zero Water Purifiers – Three Spot Zero models will be on display, including the new Double Pass system. Spot Zero systems purify dockside water and remove 95-99% of total dissolved solids, viruses, cysts, and bacteria. The water provides spot-free cleaning without drying surfaces by hand. The Double Pass system lets you purify water from two sources: Your dockside water and the output from your onboard watermaker system.

Smart Start II – This single-phase compressor motor startup control smooths out the power spike that occurs when an air conditioning system cycles on, reducing startup surge by as much as 65%. This reduces the strain on the generator and eliminates the A/C load spike that can cause brownouts, flickering lights or tripped circuit breakers.  The Smart Start II incorporates easy fault diagnosis codes and added protection features.

CD Series of Drawer Refrigerators – The energy-efficient, durable CD Series refrigerators are available in space-saving models – the new CD20, offering 20-liter capacity and the CD-30, with 30 liters of capacity.

CRD50 Drawer Refrigerator – With a 50-liter capacity including a removable 4-liter freezer compartment, the new CRD-50 has a durable metal frame construction able to withstand harsh marine conditions and is available in stainless steel.

CRX65 Door Refrigerator - A powerful refrigerator with 65-liter capacity, the freezer compartment can be removed if needed to turn the whole unit into a refrigerator only or a freezer only, taking the internal temperature down as low as 17 degrees F (-8 degrees C). Among its many design enhancements, the new flush-mounted electronic control provides several additional innovative functions.

Cuddy II Compact Air Conditioner – Designed for small cabins, this new 3,500 BTU air conditioner is powered by 12V DC or used dockside with a suitable battery charger. It draws power gently at startup for a progressive low starting surge. 

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