Delta "T" Systems Supplies Quality Hooks


By MarEx 2014-12-26 18:24:12

When Coastal Marine Equipment expanded into the rescue boat davit market, it didn't have to search too far to find the best hook to complement its product. Delta "T" Systems supplied the company with the off-load Cranston-Eagle APR-206-CBH hook.

When it comes to safety equipment, there is no compromising quality. "Without a dependable hook at the end, your davit's not a reliable piece of equipment," said Anthony D. Gauthier, Coastal Marine Equipment sales manager. The off-load style of hook is the safest due to its absolute inability to release when under full load. This prevents the accidental dropping of a lifeboat before it is in the water.

Coastal Marine Equipment's davit is rated at 2,800 lbs and has a slewing radius of 11' 6". The units have no accumulator, slew bearing or hydraulic oil. Certified SOLAS and ABS, and USCG approved, they are used primarily on workboats and come standard with the Cranston-Eagle hook.

The Cranston-Eagle APR-206-CBH is rated at 4,400 lbs. and has a pull cable quick release. The hook features two handles, a lock inspection hole, tag line shackles and is SOLAS certified and USCG approved. "In our industry, it's important that equipment be able to survive in a marine environment," continued Gauthier, "Being built of 100 percent stainless steel, it's made to last." Known worldwide, these dependable units are relied on by the US Coast Guard and US and Canadian navies, and have been installed in countless commercial marine applications.

Upkeep is always an issue with deck equipment. "One of the key selling features of our davits is that they're maintenance-friendly," said Gauthier. Cranston-Eagle hooks are no different. From inspecting the unit before each use, to its five-year recertification, a schedule of easily-followed steps ensure worry-free, dependable use.

For 13 years, Gulfport, Mississippi-based Coastal Marine Equipment has produced some of the country's toughest, most dependable deck equipment—all made in the USA. Gulf Coast Shipyards Group's new Harvey Gulf, a 302' dual fuel offshore support vessel, will feature the company's rescue boat davits and Cranston-Eagle hooks. The company also manufactures anchor, mooring and construction winches, capstans, and reels. 

Delta "T" Systems offers new product sales, replacement parts and upgrades for Cranston-Eagle davit, crane fall, boat roof and open boat mounted off-load hooks. The company also tests and recertifies these products at its Riviera Beach, Florida facility.

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