Combat Your Ship's Solar Glare with SG Glider Solar Screens

bridge solar screen

By MarEx 2017-01-16 08:47:12

Predicting the weather isn’t something we excel in, but protecting your vessel from solar glare is our forte.

Whilst out at sea, solar glare is a major threat to your staff and passengers onboard. Navigation is practically impossible, visibility goes out the window… Stop your risk of collision by investing in the SG Glider solar screens, protecting ships from harmful glare and heat.

The SG Glider is the world’s first Type Approved solar screen, reducing solar glare by up to 93% for starters. If that’s not enough, you can cut your energy costs as our product enables you to reduce your air conditioning usage.

Naturally, crew productivity will improve and you can keep your eyesight in good check away from the sun’s harm. It’ll keep your furniture looking good and interior temperatures reduce instantly by up to 15°C.

Solarglide always take pride in customer feedback with products. One happy crew member said: “The solar screens make a huge difference. Everybody is happy with the product, especially the crew who were previously experiencing glare and heat conditions.”

Create the ideal environment on your vessel for everyone onboard with the SG Glider’s seven-year product warranty.

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