Chevron Marine Lubricants Receives First OEM Approval

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By MarEx 2017-01-26 09:11:12

Chevron launches its latest Cylinder Lubricant – TARO® SPECIAL HT ULTRA

Chevron Marine Lubricants has been working closely with key customers and MAN Diesel & Turbo to develop Taro® Special HT Ultra. A new 2-stroke cylinder lubricant able to cope with the demands of the latest design high efficiency engines on the market today whilst running on high sulphur fuel at low speeds. Taro® Special HT Ultra provides the flexibility required for blending on board (BOB) and as well as the first 140BN (Base Number) cylinder lubricant OEM approved for use on its own for ultra-high corrosion environments following extensive laboratory and on-board trials.

These new engines have an increased tendency to develop cold corrosion inside the cylinder than the older, less efficient units. To mitigate the effects of this highly corrosive environment, several methods are possible with the easiest to simply increase cylinder lubricant feed rates. However this is not always the most economical strategy. It is far more efficient to switch to a higher BN lubricant once a certain rate is reached providing superior corrosion protection with less product injected into the cylinder.

Naturally, injecting more alkalinity than necessary is not economical and may in fact cause performance issues. Ship operators should therefore make sure to use the right oil to get maximum engine protection at the lowest cylinder lubricant federate. Using Chevron Marine Lubricants DOT.FAST® services – which uses on-board analysis along with more extensive evaluation of drip oil samples at a shore based laboratory - providing data to enable the vessel to optimize cylinder oil feed rate to balance wear against consumption ensuring the lowest possible costs.

Chevron Marine Lubricants continue to offer the full range from low BN products such as our 25BN Taro® Special HT LF to our latest high, 140BN product Taro® Special HT Ultra ensuring all of our customers’ needs across a wide range of operating conditions are met while continuing to provide optimal engine protection and cost management.

“The development of Taro® Special HT Ultra was as a direct result of the challenges one of our customers was experiencing. We at Chevron Marine Lubricants with our marine technology team and partners, pride ourselves on being agile and able to react quickly to the rapidly changing marine industry requirements and needs. We continue to listen to the needs of our customers and the industry developing products and services to provide value and innovation in the market demonstrating our commitment to the industry and its future.”

Chia Yoo Soon, General Manager of Chevron Marine Lubricants.

Comparison of drip oil analysis results of the three highest BN Chevron cylinder oils showing feed rates being reduced during field testing. Using Taro® Special HT Ultra, wear metals stay below OEM limits with much lower oil consumption on the latest engine types.

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