Book Review: A Tale of Modern Day Piracy on the High Seas


Published Jul 27, 2022 3:44 PM by The Maritime Executive

[By: St Albans Press Ltd]

A tale of modern-day piracy on the high seas that had its roots in the second world war.

During the last days of World War II, two SS officers desert the German army and sail with two dozen hijacked tanks to a South American dictatorship. Decades later the same regime, facing a mortal threat, hires a British shipping executive and a former British army captain to perform a daring act of maritime piracy. As the two young Englishmen ally with the elderly SS men, the present mirrors the past – and a remarkable crime on the high seas races to an explosive conclusion.

This story of modern-day piracy on the high seas crackles with page-turning suspense and energy. Nazis, a South American civil war, a love story that jumps off the page, oddball characters and mastery of marine operations combine to make an ingenious cocktail of history, menace, and romance.


  • I read The Pirates Caper in three sittings, and highly recommend it for your next vacation to the beach, next long airplane trip, or for your sheer reading pleasure anytime.
  • A real page-turner written in an informative style and a detailed knowledge of marine operations.
  • If you ever want to hi-jack an ocean tanker this is the ‘how to’ book.
  • Action, suspense, drama, Nazis, it’s all here in this fast-moving thriller.
  • I not only enjoyed the story (it’s a page-turner in the classical sense of you wanting to know what happens next), but I learned a lot in the process.
  • The book would make an excellent movie.

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