IHC Sealing Solutions introduce SUPREME Athmos

By MarEx 2013-11-01 15:06:00

IHC Sealing Solutions, part of IHC Merwede, will launch the zero-pollution SUPREME AthmosTM seal on 5-8 November at the Europort exhibition in Rotterdam. In keeping with the company’s long-term objective of maintaining sustainable safety standards, this unique product will set a new benchmark in the market.

The SUPREME Athmos seal enables ships – with limited draught up to approximately five metres – to prevent oil from being emitted into the environment. An innovative system has been developed to provide a safe and sustainable operation by capturing every possible drop of oil. Water is prevented from entering the system by collecting any leakages from the seal into a drain tank. Once full, this tank is automatically drained into the vessel’s general waste oil tank.

Ship owners will also enjoy the peace of mind that comes from the SUPREME Athmos seal having a fail-safe option, incorporating a condition-monitoring function. In the unlikely event of the system failing, it switches to the normal sealing mode, the drain tank captures the little oil that the seal uses and the tank indicates when it should be emptied.

“In addition to the standard working principle of keeping oil in and water out of ships, the unique SUPREME Athmos seal delivers many more benefits to ship owners,” says Dustin van Horik, IHC Sealing Solutions’ Marketing Manager. “Our research shows that the market demands zero pollution and we’re delighted to introduce a sustainable solution that meets this requirement.”

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