20 Years Later: LALIZAS Celebrates Growth After Major Fire

Published Oct 23, 2020 1:06 PM by The Maritime Executive

In 2000, LALIZAS had 50 employees, 1 factory and 4 branches all over the world, when a disastrous fire broke out on their premises.

That event was the trigger for the rebirth of LALIZAS, which years later resulted in its further development: owning 6 brands, 6 factories, 10 branches, 8 logistic centers and 7 franchises, and having 650 employees.  

"We know that with personal effort, strong commitment, team work and most importantly by stepping out of our comfort zone, great things can happen." says Communication Coordinator Sofia Solia.

"In Greece, we say that every bad situation has some good aspect to it; what we only need to do is to look for it and turn hard lucks into success stories. For this reason, we have prepared a video-tribute which we would love to share, proving that when a person has a vision, strength will inevitably derive from the soul."

Watch the story of LALIZAS' rebuilding efforts in the video above.

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