New Tug Designs Boost Safety

Photo: Ron van Maanen
Photo: Ron van Maanen

Published Apr 7, 2019 4:29 PM by The Maritime Executive

There is a large variety in tug design and power. Why? Because requirements for tugs vary by port, ships calling at the port, weather conditions, and by berth location which can be situated in sheltered or unsheltered waters. These requirements, as discussed in detail in the first section of Tug Use in Port, may result in various tug types. 

It is necessary to know about the various types of tugs, because for ship handling with tugs, it is of utmost importance to know the capabilities and the limitations of the tugs operating in a port. Too many accidents have occurred, often due to capsizing, and sometimes with dramatic consequences, as a result of insufficient knowledge of a tug’s capability resulting in exceeding the safety limits. 

The number of tug types has grown considerably during the last 20 years, not only because of new requirements but also as a result of new ideas. In the newly-released third section of the book the various tug types are classified and discussed. Not only tug types are reviewed, also important requirements for a good and safe tug performance are addressed. 

Maneuvering and assist capabilities of each tug type are discussed, for example of the conventional types of tug and Voith tugs, but also of the more modern tugs like the ASD-tug, Z-tech tug, ROTOR tug, Carrousel (RAVE) tug and several more. Furthermore attention has been paid to LNG terminal tugs, eco tugs and ice tugs as well as to the ongoing research with respect to tugs. 

The safety of operations has increased with Voith tugs and other modern tug designs. For instance the new RAVE tug is designed and equipped in such a way that there is no risk of capsizing due to high towline forces because of the carousel system which has a list reducing effect.      

The large-format hardback book is illustrated with a wealth of detailed diagrams, graphics and photographs. The book can be ordered at a price of €45 at The ABR Company Limited www.tugandosv.com. 

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