Tony Munoz

Publisher / Editor in chief, The Maritime Executive

Tony Munoz

Tony Munoz is the President and Editor-in-Chief of The Maritime Executive magazine. He has over 30 years of experience in the maritime industry, which includes working for West Coast Steamship Lines and PR consulting for some of the industry's largest companies.

Making Waves

By Tony Munoz 01-01-2020 11:52:00

Posted in: Training

The former cruise ship captain had a dream. He’d just returned from a trip to the U.S. where he saw a state-of-the-art marit...

Interview: Jaakko Eskola, President & CEO, Wärtsilä

By Tony Munoz 12-13-2019 06:43:19

Posted in: Shipbuilding

Tell us about yourself. What attracted you to the maritime industry? I’m an engineer but have never done any engineering....

Effecting Change

By Tony Munoz 12-13-2019 06:37:45

Posted in: Shipbuilding

On April 12, Wärtsilä celebrated its 185th birthday as employees in 200 offices around the world had cake and ice cream...

“Safer, Smarter, Greener”

By Tony Munoz 12-07-2019 12:04:00

Posted in: Shipping

It was way back in 1864 that a group of Norwegian insurance companies established Det Norske Veritas in Oslo to certify the safety...

Update: Can the U.S. Fix Its Failing Infrastructure?

By Tony Munoz 10-23-2019 03:30:02

Posted in: Shipping

In the July-August 2017 edition, Tony Munoz, Publisher & Editor-in-Chief of The Maritime Executive, wrote a critical piece on...

Grand Finale for Infamous Glomar Explorer - Part 1

[This article originally ran on the Maritime Executive website on June 16, 2015.] The story of the Glomar Explorer sp...

Grand Finale for Infamous Glomar Explorer - Part 2

By Tony Munoz 07-10-2019 03:18:00

Posted in: Maritime

[This story originally appeared on the Maritime Executive site on June 17, 2015. To read Part 1, click here.] GSF Explorer: A D...

Port Canaveral: The Sweet Spot of Florida

By Tony Munoz 05-23-2019 12:14:45

Posted in: Ports

Port Canaveral is a cruise and industrial shipping powerhouse in the central region of Florida. In 2018, its cargo tonnage increas...

“Sea the World” – A Pathway to the Maritime Industry

By Tony Munoz 05-11-2019 07:35:18

Posted in: Training

When a young person gets to glimpse a possible future career, it can have a profound impact. But students can only dream about wha...

Interview: Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, President & CEO, Celebrity Cruises

By Tony Munoz 04-21-2019 08:59:33

Posted in: Cruise Ships

A champion of diversity and inclusion, Lisa Lutoff-Perlo is elevating not just the Celebrity brand but what it represents. Tell...

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