New Video Shows Damage From Houthi Anti-Ship Missile

hole in hull from missile strike
Exit wound from the missile in the hull of the bulker (Suez Canal Authority video)

Published Jan 22, 2024 8:16 PM by The Maritime Executive


Images were released today as a bulker that was previously attacked by the Houthis last week arrived at a shipyard for repairs. While CENTCOM and the UK Maritime Trade Organization had emphasized the ship was “seaworthy” and that there were no fires and casualties, the photos show just how close it came to being far more significant. 

The vessel, the Zografia (56,894 dwt) registered in Malta is the same ship in the purported video that surfaced over the weekend in Greece. The video shows the missile coming in from above with reports it struck in the area of the number two hold. Until now, images of the wound on the vessel had not been seen.


Zografia arriving at Suez Shipyard with hole in hull -- just aft of tug and No. 2 hold (SCA photo)


Bulker was directed into the Suez anchorage after sustaining the missile strike (SCA video)


The images of the Zografia show a large hole on the port side of the hull. It appears to have been in a position that would have been underwater if the vessel was laden. Luckily, the vessel was traveling empty on a return trip from China, Vietnam, and a stop in Sri Lanka.

UKMTO acknowledged the vessel had “damage above the waterline,” while CENTCOM in its brief account said the “carrier reported they were struck but seaworthy and were continuing their Red Sea transit.”  The vessel was transiting the Red Sea approximately 100 nautical miles northwest of Saleef, Yemen when it was struck at mid-day local time on January 16.



The Suez Canal Authority highlights its quick response to the situation and the availability of its resources to provide maintenance and repair work. The Zografia arrived at the Suez anchorage on January 19 about three days after the attack. The SCA reports a team went aboard to complete a technical inspection to assess the damages sustained by the vessel reporting that it sustained “external and internal damage as a result of the attack.”

The bulker shifted to the Suez Shipyard today, January 22, for repairs. 

The vessel's owners and managers are listing in Greece raising questions about why it was targeted. The Houthis contended it was sailing to Israel but the last AIS signal only showed the Suez Canal. The vessel went dark before entering the Red Sea. It however had a prior history of sailing to Israel.