Video: Additional Munitions Discovered Under Seattle Cruise Ship Terminal

By MarEx 2011-04-11 16:10:08

Last October it was first reported that munitions were discovered during a routine security dive, at Seattle Pier 91 cruise terminal, dating back to World War II up to 1971.  King 5 News has now reported that while a multi-million dollar cleanup at the Seattle Pier has yielded the discovery of ever more military munitions.

The Seattle cruise port was utilized as a military depot during the WWII years and onward and were likely dropped overboard or simply carelessly discarded.  It is believed there is a low risk of explosions, but still a present concern for the cruise terminal. 

11 military munitions, 12 rounds of ammo, shell casings, and over 200 other munitions-related items have been salvaged from the water 40 ft below the surface.

While the area is not 100 percent cleared, the cleanup has deemed the pier safe for scheduled cruise season as there is no imminent danger to people or facilities, according to the U.S. Coast Guard.

VIDEO: King 5 News