UK Group Warns of Financial Pressure on UK Flags Due to Mariner Costs

Equality Act could devastate UK flag operators

Seafarers from developing countries sailing on UK Flag ships to be paid said as UK resident seafarers. UK Shipowners group says the Equality Act 2010 (part 5 relating to seafarers) would require any seafarer sailing on a British flag ship to be paid at the rate as a resident seafarer.

The Chamber of Shipping said it supports the notion of equality but it would impact the 360 UK registered ships in international trade, but 172, which represents 43 percent, would flag out, if the regulations were adopted.

The group also says that if the flags are required to pay seafarers from other countries the same rate that it would have an adverse effect on flag their customers too. The association wants the Parliament to re-draft the Equality Act to exempt seafarers recruited abroad.