Shortsea Container Ships Carried on Semi-Sub Ship?


Published May 21, 2017 9:20 PM by The Maritime Executive

SeaHorse Shipping in the U.S. has touted a plan aimed at revolutionizing container shipping and freeing shippers from the constraints and congestion caused by mega container ships and mega ports.

“While carriers complain that they are losing money, it's the shippers who truly feel the pain,” says the narrator of a video describing the system. “Ocean freight is no longer a viable option for shippers looking to streamline and synchronize their supply chains.”

The company is proposing the SeaHorse ship system which consists of a deepsea semi-submersible vessel that carries six shortsea container ships with a combined capacity of 13,500 TEUs.

The deepsea vessel never comes into port. Instead, existing heavy lift technology is used to float out the smaller vessels which then travel to small, under-utilized, uncongested ports. 

The video is available here.