Rotterdam Investigates Geothermal Energy Potential

Credit: Port of Rotterdam
Credit: Port of Rotterdam

By The Maritime Executive 01-23-2020 06:59:16

Shell Geothermal BV and the Port of Rotterdam Authority are investigating the potential use of geothermal energy in the Port of Rotterdam’s western section. 

Industry in Rotterdam consumes a lot of energy. If geothermal heat can be brought to the surface as hot water, it can serve as a good renewable source of energy, particularly for the production of steam for industry. Moreover, once slightly cooled following use by industry, the water can be used to heat homes and greenhouses via a regional heat network.

The subsurface has been mapped out thoroughly in recent years as part of the Ultra-Deep Geothermal Energy (UDG) green deal. Shell and the Port Authority now have an exploration permit that will enable them to further detail their plans. Their focus over the next two years will be on making agreements with potential geothermal energy purchasers, detailing the costs, determining a potential location for test drilling and an investigation into how the infrastructure could look. 

Shell and the Port Authority will involve EBN (Energy Beheer Nederland) in the development of detailed plans.