Regulation Alert: Wilhelmsen Offers Assistance to Operators Affected by New EU Cargo Declaration Rule

The new European Advance Cargo Declaration takes effect January 1, 2011 requiring all carriers to pre-alert customs authorities of goods going in and/or out of the EU, Switzerland and Norway by providing an Advance Cargo Declaration (ACD).

Following the terrorist attack of 9/11, this new rule based on the "U.S. 24 hour rules", is set to protect EU Member States with improved control of moving goods. The rules apply to all imported and exported cargo from the EU. While the American ACD is made through a single electronic portal when entering U.S. waters, the EU ACD must be filed through the Import Control System (ICS) which is individually adopted by all EU member states. This requires all Shipping companies to set up computer systems connecting them with the computer systems of the multiple customs offices within EU. Carriers failing to comply will run the risk of being penalized by individual Member States in accordance with their national legislation.

“Wilhelmsen Ships Service has done a customer impact analysis of the European ACD ruling and all our customers can rest assure that we have the systems and dedicated teams in place to make sure they are fully compliant with this regime,” explains Frederic Fontarosa, Business Director Ships Agency and Bunkers for Wilhelmsen Ships Service. “With the new Ships Agency Re-Defined offer, our customers have come to expect premium agency services from us. We have the expertise and processes not only to ensure that our customers are compliant at all times, but we also help them improve their operational efficiency. Basically we offer peace of mind at a predictable price”.

For more information on the new regulation, please visit: http://www.ecsa.eu/publications/101.pdf