Photos: Dinner Cruise Ship Runs Aground off Boston

All images courtesy Twitter

By MarEx 2016-05-31 21:33:14

Response officials evacuated 152 passengers and crew from a dinner cruise ship which went aground in Boston Harbor on May 28. 

The vessel, the Majesty, grounded off Georges Island on Friday evening during a wedding reception cruise. She was in four feet of water with an ebbing tide at the time of the incident, local media said. 

No injuries were reported and the passengers were transferred safely to the Asteria, a vessel run by the same operator, Boston Harbor Cruises.

The U.S. Coast Guard said that she was refloated on the tide and taken to Pier 8 in Charlestown for an inspection. She showed no obvious signs of damage, officials said, and no pollution was observed. Coast Guard and company investigations into the cause of the incident continue.  


On Tuesday, Boston's WCVB reported that the Majesty's captain had been suspended from his duties pending the outcome of the investigation. The cruise party will be fully refunded, said the general manager of Boston Harbor Cruises, Alison Nolan. "It's terribly unfortunate, of course, that not only did this happen, but it happened on such a special day," she said. 

The couple, Jaime Stern and Fernanda Cerqueira, told the Boston Herald that their wedding party wasn't hindered at all by the incident. "We're going to love each other no matter what – it's still a hell of a day," said Stern. He said that dinner was just finishing up when they heard a loud noise and the vessel stopped moving. 

"It made it more memorable," said Cerqueira. When they reached shore, they took their wedding party to a nearby bar to finish out the celebration.