Phoenix Tankers Orders Largest Gas Carrier for LPG and Ammonia 

VLGC gas carrier largest for ammonia transport
VLGC will be built by Namura in Japan (Namura)

Published Aug 5, 2021 2:22 PM by The Maritime Executive

Japan’s Namura Shipbuilding Company working in conjunction with Mitsubishi Shipbuilding will be building the largest gas carrier to date capable of transporting both liquified petroleum gas (LPG) or ammonia. To be built for Mitsui O.S.K. Lines’ Phoenix Tankers, the design increased gas capacity by five percent while also incorporating other advancements in design.

The design is the result of a technical cooperation launched between Namura, which has built small to mid-sized gas carriers and tankers, and Mitsubishi Shipbuilding, which has built more than 80 VLGCs and will provide technical and design experience. The original cooperating began in 2017 and coordinated to the new construction contract, the shipyards will expand their technical cooperation. Mitsubishi will provide Namura Shipbuilding with technical designs and comprehensive engineering services to support the construction of the large LPG/ammonia carrier. Mitsubishi will also assist with obtaining some equipment to support the construction. 


Design for the VLGC developed by Mitsubishi Shipbuilding in partnership with Nomura (Mitsubishi)


The new VLGC incorporates features to improve its operational performance including increases in the capacity of its cargo tank. The vessel will have a capacity of 87,000m3 versus previous VLGC’s which have a capacity of 83,000m3. The new design also features a new gas handling system which will make it possible for the vessel to use LPG from the tanks for its propulsion. Mitsubishi notes that the ability to use LPG from the cargo tank as fuel adds flexibility for the LPG terminal compatibility.

The gas technology will also permit the vessel to operate transporting ammonia. The companies believe this will provide an early advantage as the maritime industry seeks to deploy ammonia as a new green fuel alternative to reduce emissions from the industry.

The ship will have an overall length of 755 feet and will use a Mitsui-MAN main engine. It will be built at Namura’s Imari Plant with delivery scheduled for 2023. Phoenix Tankers also has an option for a sister ship.