Navy Ship Collides with Civilian Vessel off Southern California

The Navy destroyer Shoup (pictured) collided with a civilian craft in the waters off Southern California late Sunday night, causing minor damage to both vessel. No one was injured and both vessels remained at sea under their own power with minor damage.

The civilian boat, a 21-foot passenger craft, was escorted to the harbor at Oceanside, California. The collision happened about 56 miles northwest of Point Loma.

Shoup was participating in an at-sea training exercise with the Abraham Lincoln Carrier Strike Group in the Southern California Operating Area, a large offshore training and weapons range.

Along with a rescue team from Shoup, the Coast Guard patrol cutter Petrel responded to the scene to assist.

The collision is being investigated. The Shoup weighs 9,200 tons, is 509 feet long and carries a crew of 380.