Indian Ports Clean Up


By MarEx 2017-04-12 13:19:24

For the first time ever, India has ranked its 12 major ports on cleanliness.

The ranking, topped by Haldia, with Vizag second, was based on efforts to address waste and garbage generated by port operation, in offices, township areas and as a result of incoming ships. The assessment methodology included an official interview, direct observation by a team from the Quality Council of India and interaction with stakeholders. 

The assessment was undertaken during March 2017 after a year of promotion, and almost all ports achieved the benchmark for cleanliness or were well above it.

A common agenda was planned and implemented that included awareness campaigns for cleaning and tree planting, renovations and cleaning of buildings and sheds, painting with a uniform color code unique to each port and beautification and cleaning of parks. 
Approximately 42,000 port employees participated. Over 530 toilets and 265 office rooms were renovated, over 195 kilometers of roads were repaired, over 63,000 tons of trash was disposed of and over 65,000 new trees were planted.

A similar campaign for sustainable development will now commence.

Additionally, all 193 lighthouses across India were solarized over the past year. The lighthouses now generate 1.4 MW/hr of clean energy. A target of generating 100 MW of solar energy has been set for the 12 major ports against which 23 MW was achieved by March 31, 2017.