Damen: Turn OSVs Into FCVs - Fish Carrying Vessels

All images courtesy Damen

By MarEx 2016-03-29 21:12:03

In response to the ever-growing number of cold stacked platform supply vessels at docks around the world, diversified ship building and ship repair firm Damen has released new suggestions for repurposing PSVs (OSVs) for alternative uses, including “live fish carrying situations.”

“Our design teams have come up with workable ideas across several industries. For example, we can convert a laid up PSV into a profitable container feeder or, for naval operations, a Logistics Support Vessel,” said Damen sales manager Remko Hottentot. “The possibilities are numerous. It will also be possible to transform a PSV into an accommodation and O&M vessel."

Along with its announcement, Damen released illustrations of a Damen PSV rebuilt as a live fish carrier.

PSV 3300 series (file image)

FSV 2000 series (proposed)

“Here, the concept of using the existing PSV platform is ideal, yielding many advantages for live fish carrying situations," Mr. Hottentott said.

Fish carriers, or wellboats, are used for the live transport of farmed fish. The world's leading operator, Norwegian firm Sølvtrans, has a fleet of 14 vessels operating in Norway, Scotland, Canada, Chile and Australia; Sølvtrans has two newbuilds on order, designed by Rolls-Royce and under construction by Ulsteinvik-based Kleven Verft. Competing shipbuilders Havyard are constructing a $35 million fish carrier for Norsk Fisketransport for delivery in the first half of 2017.