China and U.S. Launch Radiation Detection System at Shanghai Port

By MarEx 2011-12-07 11:07:03

In a global effort to stop the smuggling of nuclear materials that can be used to make bombs, the United States and China have initiated a radiation detection system at a Shanghai port, Yangshan.

18 sets of radiation detection equipment have been installed at the deep-water port and a detection control center has also been built.

The advanced equipment will be able to detect nuclear and other forms of radioactive material in cargo containers. As a part of NNSA’s Megaports Initiative, the main goal is to supply over 100 of the biggest seaports with this equipment. This can ensure that about 50 percent of global shipping traffic will be scanned by 2018. As of now, 34 ports have the devices in place. This is China’s first.

Although China and the U.S. have a complex relationship when it comes to nuclear arms proliferation, they have a cooperative understanding on fighting terrorism, as shown by this effort.