[Update] Settlement Reached in Egyptian Ship Arrest

By MarEx 2014-09-16 12:31:00

Mamdouh Maritime Legal Solutions (MMLS) announces that a final settlement has been reached in the case of the RORO ship, MV Al Hurreya, arrested in the Red Sea Port of Safaga on June 19, 2014.

Alexandria Ship Yard chairman, Admiral Magdi Abo Klaila signed the settlement agreement, together with Admiral Salem El Rafie, the Executive Manager of United Captain Group Oil Services.

The original action was initiated due to unpaid maritime debits in excess of $900,000 USD owed to United Captain Group by the Egyptian Ministry of Defense (MOD)-owned company, Marine Industries and Services Organization (MISO).

"We extend our appreciation to Admiral Ibrahim El-Desouki, representing the Ministry of Defense and Admiral Salem El Rafie, of United Captain Group, in reaching a good faith settlement," stated MMLS Executive Director, Said Mamdouh.

MV Al Hurreya operates under contract for transport between Egypt's Red Sea Port of Safaga and Duba, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Designed in Germany and built in 2005, MV Al Hurreya, is a 6,000 DWT RORO ship with the capacity to carry with 74 trailers and 55 cars.

RORO cargo generally consists of items such as tractors, buses and trucks, or oversized cargo loaded on special flatbed, mafi or lowboy trailers.