Transportation Strength Equals Military Strength

By MarEx 2014-10-31 09:58:00

Posted by Anthony Foxx, http://www.dot.gov/fastlane

When our transportation system is not as efficient as it needs to be, we don't just calculate the cost in congestion on our roadways. We must also measure it by our inability to get essential supplies to our armed forces overseas. The ability to move the food, equipment, and supplies our forces need to do their jobs and safely return home is a critical requirement for our nation’s transportation system.

When our transportation system is stronger, our military is stronger.

That's why the Department of Transportation works closely with the U.S. Transportation Command to ensure that America can meet its strategic deployment requirements and sustain our military. And yesterday, at the Fall Meeting of the National Defense Transportation Association and USTRANSCOM, it was clear that we must continue to do so.

The business of moving, supplying, and maintaining our joint forces is a major logistical effort critical to our national security. In fact, the civilian company that manages the distribution centers for the military’s food, fuel, and other supplies would rank in the top 15th percentile of the Fortune 500. Unfortunately, the roads and rail lines that connect these vital distribution centers to the vessels that supply our military are in a desperate state of repair.

The Administration's GROW AMERICA Act would begin to fix many of the problems caused by our collapsing infrastructure, include critical freight access to our nation's ports.

This four-year, fully funded transportation bill will not only allow us to rebuild our transportation network; it will allow us to expand it so we can move more freight. GROW AMERICA includes a $10 billion investment in our freight network, so we can connect our rails and roads and ports seamlessly.

That way, shippers – including those working on behalf of the U.S. military – can get the goods where they need to go faster.

These increased efficiencies will ultimately allow our servicemen to better carry out their mission at home and abroad. These increased efficiencies will protect the civilians that are protecting America.

Many Americans understand that crumbling infrastructure is a threat to civilian safety; DOT, NDTA, and USTRANSCOM know it is detrimental to our national security.

We know that more robust transportation investment here at home means a more robust U.S. military.

America is the only nation capable of deploying major forces anywhere in the world at a moment's notice. We need to ensure that capability continues. We need to GROW AMERICA.