BREAKING: Suez Canal May Be Target of Future RPG Attacks

Group claims responsibility for COSCO Asia and promises more

Published Sep 10, 2013 2:51 PM by Tommy Forcella

The group Al Furqan is claiming responsibility for the August 31st attack on the COSCO Asia in the Suez Canal. A video of the attack was posted by the group Thursday, and they have promised additional attacks on ships using the canal.  In a released statement the group claimed it was “targeting the international shipping waterway which has become a safe route for crusader aircraft carriers travelling to attack Muslims, and a trade artery for infidel and tyrannical states”.

Additional security forces have been deployed by the Egyptian military, which have positioned themselves along the canal waterway and have taken control of the canal installations. Although the Egyptian military did arrest three people in the wake of the ship attack, Kevin Doherty president of US security firm Nexus Consulting noted, “Clearly at least some of this group are still at large as they are still posting statements and evidence. The true risk needs to be articulated, quantified and then it can be mitigated.”

Nexus Consulting has issued heightened warnings to ships heading to the canal.