Flames Erupt on Packed P&O Ferry

By MarEx 2014-09-29 14:16:00

A fire broke out on a P&O-operated cross-Channel ferry on Monday morning.

The vessel, the Pride of Canterbury, had 337 passengers on board and 119 crewmembers. It was arriving in Calais from Dover when the fire broke out in the engine room.

A P&O spokesman said: "It was extinguished by the ship's fire protection system (i.e. the sprinklers). Nobody has been injured and the ship disembarked all the passengers safely. The stricken ferry is expected to be out of service for at least a few days, and will be taken to Arno Shipyard in Dunkerque for repairs.”

To make up for the missing ship, P&O said the Pride of Burgundy will increase its services from three to five, and passengers should check in as normal.

A passenger on the ferry filmed the scene as smoke engulfed the vessel.