Bulk Carriers Collide in Aegean Sea [Video]

By MarEx 2013-07-08 14:38:00

Two bulk carriers, Katherine and Baru Satu, collided in the Aegean Sea about eight nautical miles south-west of Gavrio, Andros Island last week, and remained stuck together.

Damage to Katherine resulted in water ingress through a hole portside, while Baru Satu suffered bow damage, also resulting in water ingress. The two vessels remained locked together, which was reportedly a tactic to keep Katherine afloat.

According to Ship & Bunker, Malta-flagged Katherine was said to have been travelling from Novorossiysk, Russia, to Italy, with cargo of steel, while Panama-flagged Baru Satu was heading from Brazil to Bulgaria, Black sea, with a cargo of sugar.

No injuries were reported, but nine of the 23 crewmembers aboard Katherine were transferred to a port police float boat for safety reasons.

There have been no reports of a bunker spill as a result of the incident.