3 Dead, 5 Missing After Hong Kong Ship Collision

On Wednesday, divers found a third body in the wreckage of a sand barge that collided with a container ship Tuesday. Five crewmembers from the barge remain missing.

At about 3:15 a.m. Tuesday, crew onboard the container ship reported the collision to authorities. Hong Kong fire services sent five vessels and 100 rescue personnel to the scene to find the missing Chinese crew.

The nine crew members onboard the 164-foot HUIJINQIAO 08 were unharmed and returned to port. Three of the 14 crewmembers onboard the sand barge known as the Runze001, are dead, and five remain missing.

Divers are working to find the missing men. The barge has sunk below the surface but has not settled on the seafloor yet, making conditions for divers very dangerous.