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PlanetData - The Security News Network is a free news and information resource focused on maritime, global, corporate, cyber, homeland and aviation security, law enforcement and intelligence. PlanetData hosts timely and comprehensive content gathered from over 1,000 online sources, as well as from our editors, contributors and members. This newsletter entry carries a summary of PlanetData’s weekly maritime security roundup.Pakistan: Pakistan Allegedly Altered Defensive Missiles for Offensive Use Aug 30, 2009: The New York Times reported Sunday that American military and intelligence officials suspect Pakistan has violated the Arms Control Export Act by modifying Harpoon anti-ship missiles that the United States sold the country in the 1980s. The primary concern here is that if Pakistan has been successful with its Harpoon modifications then the country has another weapon it could deploy against India. This in turn could kick start a new India/Pakistan arms race. Click HERE to read more… • Horizon Lines, Inc. Participates in Trials of Anti-Piracy Technology Aug 29, 2009 — Horizon Lines, Inc., an American domestic ocean shipping and integrated logistics company, recently participated in test trials of two separate anti-piracy system. The International Maritime Security Network, LLC (IMSN) conducted the first trial in Orange, Texas. This safety drill and anti-piracy testing took place aboard the Horizon Crusader and employed the Triton Shield Anti-Piracy System (APS). The second trial took place aboard the Horizon Challenger in Bayonne, New Jersey where SAFE Solutions' Nemesis 5000 anti-piracy technology was tested. The Nemesis 5000 is described as a non-lethal, high pressure water system which integrates with a vessel's existing fire suppression system to prevent unauthorized boarding of the ship. Click HERE to read more… • Russia: Suspects Charged in Arctic Sea Hijacking Aug 27, 2009 — The 8 suspects detained by Russian authorities in the hijacking of the MV Arctic Sea have been charged with piracy and kidnapping. In addition, one of the men is charged with organizing the crimes. However, the suspects remain anonymous. In other Arctic Sea news, the ship is still being towed by the Russian navy to Russia's Black Sea port of Novorossiisk where authorities say it will be searched more thoroughly when it arrives sometime later in September. The world will watch this closely as there is still widespread speculation the ship is smuggling an illicit cargo. There are even reports that the alleged hijackers are agents working in conjunction with the Israeli spy agency Mossad in a bid to stop an arms shipment from reaching Iran. Click HERE to read more… • Somalia: Pirates Fire at U.S. Navy Helicopter Aug 27, 2009 — Somali pirates who've hijacked the MV Win Far fired at a U.S. Navy helicopter on Wednesday (8/26). The Navy says that no rounds from the apparently large caliber weapon struck the SH-60B Helicopter, which is from the Navy's Helicopter Anti-Submarine Squadron Light (HSL) 49. From the U.S. Naval Forces Central Command: "During the flight, aircrew observed activity, but could not ascertain they were fired upon until their return to Chancellorsville and review of Forward Looking Infrared Radar (FLIR) video, which recorded the incident. The helicopter was approximately 3,000 yards from Win Far when it was fired upon." Click HERE to read more…