Don Sheetz Named as MCIA Liaison for Public Sector

Sheetz has agreed to act as MCIA liaison for the public sector. He will be the point of contact for government agencies, maritime authorities, flag states and international government organisations.

Don was with the Vanuatu registry for almost 18 years until his retirement in December 2008, joining in 1991 as Vice President, Safety. From 1997 to his retirement he was Executive Vice President responsible for day-to-day operations and concurrent Deputy Commissioner for Maritime Affairs for the Republic of Vanuatu. In July he becomes Deputy Chairman of the Maritime Accident Investigators International Forum.

He remains an active maritime accident investigator, has a special interest in confined and enclosed space incidents and is involved in the preparation of a paper to be presented to the International Maritime Organisation, IMO, on the issue.

He is a fellow of the Nautical Institute, a member of the Marine Society of New York, member of the National Cargo Bureau, an Associate Member of the Council of American Master Mariners, an Honorary member of the Yokohama Marine Club and is a member of the IMO Panel of Competent Persons.

For MCIA matters, Don can be contacted by email at donsheetz@maritimeaccident.org

Bob Couttie - Acting Secretary
Maritime Casualty Investigators Association / mcia@maritimeaccident.org