Staten Island Ferry to be Repaired by Caddell Dry Dock

The Caddell yard was awarded the repair for $5.958 million, which was the lower of the two bids submitted to the New York City Department of Transportation.

The contract calls for Caddell to deliver the boat to the Department of Transportation by May 15, 2004. According to the terms of the contract, Caddell will receive a bonus provision of $3,000 a day for a 15-day maximum, if work is completed early. The company also will be penalized $3,000 a day, if work is not completed by May 15.

The ?Andrew J. Barberi? ferry is currently housed at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and will be delivered to Caddell later this week. The U.S. Coast Guard will test the ferry upon completion of its repairs and it will only be allowed to accept passengers upon passing a Coast Guard inspection.

The New York Department of Transportation has also announced that Weidlinger Associates, an engineering firm, will conduct the design of the damaged pier at the St. George facility.