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Published Mar 30, 2022 3:41 PM by The Maritime Executive

Job No: 103342

Position Title: Summer Cruise Captain

Job Bulletin Number: 103342

Classification: Administrator II

Department: Training Ship Golden Bear

Full/Part-time: Full-Time/ Temporary

Employment Type: MPP - this position is part of the California State University Management Personnel Plan (MPP). No tenure or permanent status can be achieved within the MPP.

Bargaining Unit: M80 (MPP)

Pay Plan: 12 month Salary Range: Salary commensurate with education, experience, and licensure.

Benefits: Premium benefit package includes outstanding health, dental and vision plans; life and disability insurances; pension (CalPERS); tuition fee waiver; and 14 paid holidays per year. See our benefits website for additional information.

Pre-Employment Conditions: Background including fingerprinting, drug screen and pre-employment physical.

Closing Date: Open until filled. A review of applications will begin Wednesday, March 30, 2022 and the review period may end at any time thereafter.

Position Summary: Working under the general direction of the University President, the Summer Cruise Captain (Cruise Captain) is a licensed mariner who has overall command and control of the navigation, maneuvering, cargo handling, stowage, communications and safe handling of California State University, Maritime Academy's (Cal Maritime) training ship, the Golden Bear (TSGB). The Cruise Captain ensures that the TSGB complies with all applicable local and international laws, as well as the port state policies. The Cruise Captain oversees operations and maintenance of all on-board equipment including machinery, engines and safety equipment and monitors the daily progress of the TSGB. The Cruise Captain oversees the crew in their tasks, coordinating their work to ensure the voyage is completed successfully. In the event of emergencies, the Cruise Captain oversees search and rescue operations.

The Cruise Captain is an organized person with a strong eye for detail and is astute to ascertain reasons why the vessel may not be seaworthy. The Cruise Captain takes initiative and is able to work independently to resolve any problems effectively in the open sea.

The Cruise Captain's leadership and administrative duties are broad and complex, requiring outstanding professional mariner skills, ability, originality, mature judgment, and a thorough knowledge of the TSGB's Safety Management System. The Cruise Captain is responsible for carrying out voyages to the educational benefit of cadet cruise participants. The Cruise Captain is expected to make decisions on the basis of expert maritime experience and judgment, in light of circumstances which may exist at any given time. The Cruise Captain has the authority and responsibility to deviate from pre-determined instructions when it is believed that such a deviation is reasonably necessary for the safety of the crew, cadets, and vessel, or to prevent a marine pollution incident.

The Cruise Captain has authority over and is responsible for all matters aboard the TSGB during the 2022 Summer Cruise, including but not limited to:

  • Crew and Staff Management
  • Customer Interface
  • Documentation
  • Fuel Conservation
  • Navigation/Piloting
  • Pollution Prevention
  • Safety
  • Seamanship
  • Security
  • Ship handling
  • Cargo Watch standing
  • Vessel Operations

The Cruise Captain sets exemplary standards for communication, trust, transparency, and teamwork within the ship's crew and in all professional and interpersonal interactions. The 2022 Summer Cruise is scheduled to occur May 4th through July 7th.

HOW TO APPLY: Interested parties should submit the Cal Maritime Employment Application, a cover letter and resume. Apply on-line at https://apptrkr.com/2949773.

ABOUT CALIFORNIA STATE UNIVERSITY MARITIME ACADEMY: Established in 1929, California State University Maritime Academy, a campus of the California State University, is the only degree-granting maritime academy on the West Coast. Located on the scenic Vallejo waterfront, the campus serves a student population of approximately 1000 undergraduates and 50 graduate students.

Cal Maritime offers seven baccalaureate degrees in Business Administration, Global Studies and Maritime Affairs, Facilities Engineering Technology, Marine Engineering Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Marine Transportation and Oceanography. The undergraduate curriculum includes licensing programs for future merchant marine, coast guard and naval reserve officers. Cal Maritime also offers a Master of Science in Transportation and Engineering Management degree, as well as a number of extended learning programs and courses.


  • Administers the 2022 Summer Sea Training Program
  • Responsible for the seaworthiness, safety and security of the TSGB, cadets, crew and equipment at all times during cruise, including compliance with all applicable safety standards. Ensures that the Vessel Security Plan is executed
  • Primary point of contact and responsible for proper and professional communication to the USCG, MARAD, Cal Maritime, or other entities both foreign and domestic.
  • Ensures that all maritime protocols and safety regulations are strictly followed. Responsible for knowing, implementing, and maintaining the Safety Management System (SMS) aboard the TSGB. Motivates the crew in the observation of the policies the SMS contains; issues appropriate orders and instructions in a clear and simple manner, and reviews the effectiveness of the SMS' content and implementation
  • Ensures that sickness and injury cases are provided prompt, effective attention and are properly documented. Ensures all applicable damage/accident/injury reports are properly prepared, submitted, and logged and reported to Marine Operations as soon as practical
  • Ensures the appropriate composition of watches, including the requirement for lookouts, which shall be in keeping with prevailing laws, regulations, and conditions. The following points are among those to be considered when determining watches:
    • Sea and weather conditions, visibility, daylight, or darkness.
    • Proximity of navigational hazards, particularly where additional navigational duties must be tended to;
    • Operational condition of onboard navigation equipment including automatic steering equipment;
    • Crewmembers shall be sufficiently rested and otherwise fit when going on duty; and
    • At no time when underway shall the activated control station (wheelhouse or remote) be left unattended.
  • Ensures a true and accurate deck log is maintained
  • Ensures that statements concerning mishaps, accidents, or University business are not released without proper permission.
  • Ensures no unauthorized use of vessel communication equipment.
  • Ensures that an appropriate Station Bill is posted and emergency drills are carried out and logged
  • Ensures that the TSGB's speed is regulated in restricted waters to avoid wake damage to small craft, construction, and adjacent shorelines. Ensures that TSGB proceeds as speeds and on courses that avoid damage to the TSGB and other craft and obstacles
  • Ensures that all crewmembers hold proper and current licenses, endorsements and documents
  • Ensures that the crew is familiar with all operating and safety instructions and encourages the training of officers and crew in the functions of their next higher assignments
  • Ensures that the crew is aware of the serious effects of pollution in the marine environment and that all possible precautions are taken to prevent such occurrences
  • Ensures that a proper lookout is maintained
  • Develops written standing orders for deck watch standing officers, making them available in the pilothouse for each watch. Standing Orders shall normally include criteria and orders for subordinate officers regarding navigation, piloting, weather, as well as instructions as to when to notify the Master of conditions or events
  • Issues written night orders in a chronological book format for record, detailing specific night orders for night watch standers
  • Ensures that Mates, Engineers, and crewmembers are vigilant at all times during watches, both at sea and in port
  • Maintains accurate records in accordance with the document retention plan further detailed in VOM-13 and Area Appendices
  • Responsible to communicate and enforce the Academy's Zero Tolerance Policy
  • Ensures watertight integrity is maintained. When at sea, weather permitting, this shall be verified at least every two-hours
  • Familiarizes self with the details of vessel tankage, including capacities and contents; and consults with the Engineer to determine the sequence of fuel consumption from specific tanks with the intent of maintaining desired stability
  • Ensures all machinery and equipment is operable and properly maintained. Equipment not in use shall be stowed so nothing further need be done if the worst possible weather suddenly arises
  • Ascertains the condition (as to cargo, ballast water, or fuel) and status (light or loaded) of tanks and shall enter in the log (and other appropriate forms) a starting and ending draft
  • Ensures a thorough inspection of the vessel. Existing damage, condition and status of tanks or compartments, drafts, list, trim sea fastenings (lashings, etc.)
  • Familiarizes self with the compartmentation, machinery, and systems of the TSGB. Ensures that the ballasting of TSGB is in keeping with Marine Operations instructions
  • Ensures vessel documents are reviewed for correctness, currency, and proper stowage
  • Prior to voyage consults with the appropriate subordinates to ensure that gear for which they are responsible is properly stowed. It is of particular importance that anything stored in the lazarette is well secured.
  • Promotes a positive image of the University through crew and cadet communications


Operation and Control - Demonstrated expertise managing and controlling operations, equipment and systems about a ship as ship's captain. High degree of self-motivation and strong ability to motivate others. Keen attention to detail

Communication - Excellent interpersonal, communication, mediation, dispute resolution, and time management skills. Demonstrated experience in listening to and hearing the communications of others, and as appropriate or necessary, making effective decisional changes to incorporate information provided by ship's crew and others. Demonstrated ability to interact and collaboratively succeed with senior leadership, ship's crew and others. Demonstrated ability to present, display, and maintain professional demeanor at all times. Demonstrated ability to maintain diplomatic, effective crew, staff, faculty and cadet relations.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion - Demonstrated commitment to principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, and multiculturalism within the maritime profession. Working knowledge as to civil rights laws and regulations as applicable to cruise crew, staff, faculty and cadets.

Coordination - Demonstrated expertise in planning, organizing, coordinating and directing multiple projects and activities simultaneously with varied and changing deadlines and priorities in a fast-paced work environment; ability to anticipate and avert problems.

Management of Personnel Resources - Demonstrated expertise and success motivating, developing, and directing ship's crew members as they work and in promoting and ensuring safety and security aboard ship at all times. Demonstrated ability to handle sensitive information in a confidential manner

Problem Recognition and Deductive Reasoning - Demonstrated expertise recognizing when something is wrong or is likely to go wrong and in developing optimal solutions to address problems. Demonstrated ability to reason logically and analyze and solve complex, evolving organizational and managerial problems; ability to simplify complexity

Locational and Response Abilities - Demonstrated expertise and awareness remaining informed of ship's location during voyages. Demonstrated expertise in making quick and effective course decisions as necessary as appropriate

Prioritization - Demonstrated ability to shift attention between two or more activities or sources of information, as appropriate, in order to ensure that priority matters are addressed effectively. 

License - Maintenance of professional license(s) appropriate to captain Cal Maritime's 2022 Summer Cruise.

Experience - Three or more years experience as a captain or master of an unlimited tonnage vessel.


  • Demonstrated successful application of knowledge and skills acquired as the result of obtaining a bachelor's degree in a related field
  • Demonstrated success as captain of a training vessel such as the TSGB
  • Demonstrated effective application of advanced knowledge concerning relevant laws (both foreign and domestic), policies, and operational principles with respect to maritime operations and/or maritime educational programs

BACKGROUND CHECK: Satisfactory completion of a background check (criminal records check, including fingerprinting, drug screen and pre-employment physical) is required for employment. CSU will make a conditional offer of employment, which may be rescinded if the background check reveals disqualifying information, and/or it is discovered that the candidate knowingly withheld or falsified information. Failure to satisfactorily complete the background check may affect the continued employment of a current CSU employee who was conditionally offered the position.

MANDATED REPORTER: The person holding this position is considered a ‘mandated reporter' under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act and is required to comply with the requirements set forth in CSU Executive Order 1083 revised July 21, 2017 as a condition of employment.

DESIGNATED POSITION: This position is a “designated position” in the California State University's Conflict of Interest Code. The successful candidate accepting this position is required to file Conflict of Interest forms subject to the regulations of the Fair Political Practices Commission.

ELIGIBILITY TO WORK: Applicants must provide proof of U.S. citizenship or authorization to work in the United States within three days of the date of hire.

TITLE IX: Please view the Notice of Non-Discrimination on the Basis of Gender or Sex and Contact Information for Title IX Coordinator at: https://www2.calstate.edu/titleix 

EEO STATEMENT: Cal Maritime is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer. The university subscribes to all state and federal regulations and prohibits discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity/gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, pregnancy, age, disability, genetic information, medical condition, covered veteran status, or any other protected status. Reasonable Accommodations will be provided to applicants with qualifying disabilities who self-disclose by contacting the Benefits Coordinator at (707) 654-1146.